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“I might just be able to kill him. After all, this teacher can’t see me, either.” Even though he seems to have some success in taming the delinquents, he still hasn’t gained their full respect as they are annoyed at his clumsiness. An argument rose between the film director and the line producer, who soon quit his job on the spot, which resulted in mass panic amongst the film crew and prompted the class to help out in various roles. Nagisa, however stuck to doing tasks which didn’t require much strength after failing to help out with heavy lifting, while lamenting how unmasculine he was despite the fact he was going to college. At the start of the battle, under Karma’s direction, Chiba immediately eliminated Kataoka to deny the opposing team of any tactical options. Despite being paired with Okajima acting as his rear guard, the pair were outflanked by Kanzaki and eliminated from the battle.

With Okuda’s deciphering of the data, the class learned that there is a solution to save Korosensei based on the poison she concocted in the first semester. Furthermore, the chances of Korosensei self-destructing is less than 1% due to his large size compared to the test mouse that caused the moon to explode. Despite having a solution at hand to save their teacher, Karasuma points out that the government will not retract their mission and Korosensei is still dangerous. Nagisa resolves that they resume their assassination attempts on Korosensei until their graduation.

Character Information

Karma has red and orange tones to his character design, specifically in his hair and his eye color. According to Rasmussen University, reds and oranges portray positive emotions such as passion, warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm; whereas, the negative emotions portrayed are anger and danger. In the realm of anime, this is a common occurrence, as many main characters are known for their crazy hair colors. The end of the second semester takes a dangerous twist as Kaede Kayano launches a surprise attack on Korosensei. She reveals to have implanted tentacles upon herself and hid her massive bloodlust by making Nagisa more noticeable, as well as stating that she is the sister of Aguri Yukimura (Class E’s former teacher). The next day, she attempts to assassinate Korosensei once more but the power of the tentacles was gradually consuming her which will kill her.

#3 Hatoful Boyfriend

In preparation the second finals exams, Gakushu Asano asks Class E to kill his father’s education philosophy by monopolising the top 50 spots and give Class A being taught by the principal himself a decisive defeat. Nagisa, being one of the two best Class E students in English, helps tutor his classmates in the subject. When the exams arrive even Nagisa had trouble solving the questions during the English exam. Despite the harsh difficulty of the exams set by the principal, the efforts of Nagisa and the class rewarded them all with the top 50 spots, thereby beating Class A decisively.

Nagisa asks Korosensei if it was troublesome being a target, but the latter says that it instead proves that he is indeed very powerful. Nagisa was in Class D during his first two years of middle school before falling into Class E due to poor grades. During those two years, he hung out with fellow classmate Karma Akabane, though they slowly drifted apart before becoming classmates again. While she’s dying, however, she gains a special ability called “Fatal Rewind” that allows her to redo her life, so now she has the chance to obtain revenge and have a happy ending. While possibly dating one of them, she slowly uncovers the truths behind the Shinsengumi’s dark secrets, the creatures known as “demons,” and her own past.

Classroom 3-E treats him like a coward, and he usually plays the role of a peacemaker. His innate abilities are introduced early on, when he enacts the first of many failed assassination plots. Using an anti-Korosensei knife and himself as bait, the bullies of Classroom 3-E force him to wear and to explode a grenade around his neck filled with anti-Korosensei bullets inside it. They meet again in Chapter 117 where Yūji revealed that he had been searching for Nagisa ever since their first meeting. Nagisa then reveals to Yūji that he is male and teaches him that he can turn his weaknesses into strength and though shocked , he still considered him a friend. Their celebrations, however, were interrupted by the arrival of Shiro and Korosensei’s former apprentice who was now a giant tentacle monster.

Nagisa watches on as the class divides itself up and, seeing more of the students joining the red team than he initially thought, begins doubting about being so sure of his opinion. To increase the intensity of their training, Karasuma started teaching the class ‘free-running’, a skill where any person can use their mobility to quickly reach a goal point regardless of any obstacles. Korosensei would soon put the students’s new skills to the test by playing a game of cops and robbers, where the teachers would try to catch the escaping students in a one-hour time limit. Nagisa’s group was forced to free their classmates early on due to Karasuma’s inhuman abilities in catching them, using any method to make Korosensei turn a blind eye. The students won when Kataoka, Okano, Maehara and Kimura lured Karasuma away from the school, allowing Nagisa and his group to submerge themselves in the pool to prevent Korosensei from capturing them in the last minute. The class finally manages to reach the top floor and discover the mastermind to be Takaoka, who wanted revenge against Class E for the humiliation he suffered when he returned to the Ministry of Defense.

With everyone holding tentacles, Nagisa volunteered as an executor and no one in Class E are complaining about it. Later on in the series, he uses his unnatural ability to maintain extreme levels of composure and stability to create false senses of security within his opponents and take advantage of their slips in focus. This ability was formed by dealing with his verbally-abusive mother, who controls every aspect of his life. He hones this ability turning it into something spectacular, as he is able to perceive other people’s emotions based on the slight variance in frequency in their speech.

When Korosensei asks the class to find a way to distract Kayano, Nagisa is unable to believe that everything his friend had done for the whole year was all an act. He walks up to her calmly and negates her bloodlust with his own by kissing her. The act surprises Kayano and shocks her into unconsciousness, giving Korosensei enough time to remove the tentacles from her neck. When the school hosts its annual festival, Class E is disadvantaged in attracting customers due to its mountain location one kilometre away from the main campus. Nagisa performs the role of a waiter as the class tries to sell its acorn noodles speciality, using the natural ingredients of the mountain against Class A’s sponsored cafe. Thanks to Nagisa’s continued tutoring of Sakura and the kids from the nursery, they were among the first to arrive to Class E’s restaurant.

When a famous lawyer named Limbo is murdered, Teuta uses her power to save his life, which changes her own life forever. Scorpios are people who love to lead a life of mystery by keeping their incredible knowledge to themselves until they can use it to their advantage. Kirara is one of the quietest people in her class and loves to learn all she can through reading. Her favorite story genre is horror, and her interest in the macabre extends to her assassination attempts, like when she tries to place a curse on Korosensei. A powerful creature takes over as the teacher of a class of misfits and warns that he will destroy planet Earth if he is not killed by the end of the year. The creature, dubbed Koro-sensei, begins teaching the students how to kill him, while also teaching them self-acceptance.

These facts are understood and established rather early, but the anime makes sure to shove in these ideas at every turn. It’s ironic, because such a tactic makes it seem as if the show – which is all about “getting” to these kids – doesn’t trust its viewers enough to also “get” what it has to say. There also exists an apparent tonal issue that the anime chooses to embrace.

Korosensei blocks it as expected, but it turns out to be a feint as Nagisa throws himself onto his teacher with a grenade around his neck. However, Nagisa had been covered by Korosensei’s shedded skin while the target escaped the blast. Nagisa then thought that this teacher might just accept their killing intent. This assassination attempt would be a large focal point behind Nagisa’s abilities – mainly his ability to hide his bloodlust. Ranked third for marksmanship among the class, it’s Karma’s sense of leadership that sets him head and shoulders above the other students. From his introduction in the episode “Karma’s Time,” he is able to make the most of his peers’ abilities while guiding them each to success.

When Akira Takaoka arrives at Kunagigaoka in order to train the Class E students better against Korosensei, Takaoka’s brutal methods forces Karasuma to intervene. He challenges Karasuma to choose one student to attempt to assassinate him, using a real knife. Nagisa Shiota(潮田 渚,Shiota Nagisa) is a student in Korosensei’s Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School and the main protagonist and narrator of Assassination Classroom.

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