L.M. Swimwear


L.M Swimwear is the dream of Laura Monroy, who since she was a child envisioned a brand that would help single women who are heads of households, specifically those from her native country: Colombia.

With her designs, she bets not only on the enhancement of beauty, but on female empowerment as a flag that she deserves to be displayed with pride. 

All of her garments are made in Colombia by women whose focus is to make garments of excellent quality, with resistant and delicate seams.


Every time you make a purchase of a L.M Swimwear garment, you are not only taking a high-quality garment, but you are also contributing to the entrepreneurship of Colombian heads of household women.


At L.M Swimwear we work every day for the quality of our garments, to expand throughout the world and help more women head of the household.
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